051413br0408rSPRINGFIELD - In an effort to prevent drunk driving, State Senator Toi Hutchinson (D-Chicago Heights), passed legislation out of the Senate today allowing wineries to recork bottles of wine for their guests to take home.

“We need to afford wineries the same opportunities we afford restaurants,” Hutchinson said.  “Offering customers a choice is not only an economic benefit for our wineries but also a safety issue on our roadways.”  

Current law allows restaurants to recork wine and place it in a tamper proof bag.  Senate Bill 722 will extend this benefit to wineries.  To avoid an open container violation, the wine must be placed in the non-passenger area of a vehicle.   

According to the Illinois Grape Owners Association, Illinois is a growing wine industry with over 100 wineries.  Many wineries allow patrons to purchase a bottle of wine to be enjoyed at their location.   

“Winery owners are very concerned about over consumption and public safety,” said Joe Taylor. “By taking out the economic factors of leaving behind an unfinished bottle, this change will help patrons to make the smart decision and drink responsibly.”
The legislation has passed the Senate and now awaits a vote in the House of Representatives. 

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