110713 CM 0579RSPRINGFIELD – In response to heightened levels of violent theft aimed at smart phone users, State Senator Toi Hutchinson (D – Chicago Heights) is sponsoring legislation that would require smart phones to be rendered completely inoperable if lost or stolen.

The main goal of the legislation known as the Smart Phone Kill Switch Act is to erase the incentive to steal smart phones and sell them on the black market.

“By rendering a cell phone useless after it is stolen, you take away its value. When you potential thieves are aware that there is no value in an item once stolen, the incentive to steal the item disappears,” said Sen. Hutchinson. “As a mother of three children, all with phones of their own, I know I will feel more at ease with the passage of this legislation.”

The legislation also prohibits wireless phone service providers and equipment manufacturers from charging any additional fees for a phone with the kill switch function, and grants that the wireless service provider must insure a phone without the kill switch function against theft.

The bill was filed under SB 3539.

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