roadconstructionRSPRINGFIELD – Illinois’ roads, bridges and highways are going to receive a substantial upgrade in the form of $1.1 billion in increased state investment for transportation infrastructure maintenance and improvement. Sponsored by State Senator Toi Hutchinson (D – Chicago Heights) and signed into law this morning, Senate Bill 3224 is a key part of Illinois’ transportation redevelopment project.

“Our state desperately needs the proper resources to improve our transportation infrastructure,” Sen. Hutchinson said. “With this law, we can make Illinois known for having one of the safest and most streamlined road systems in the nation.”

Projects waiting for the proper funding across Illinois are finally going to get the go ahead. Potholes impairing vehicles on Illinois 50 entering Kankakee and Interstate 57 as it runs through University Park are going to be made like new. Aging bridges and uneven country roads across the state, from Cairo to Chicago Heights, are going to finally receive the necessary repairs, allowing drivers everywhere to feel more at ease.

From local bridges to major highways, the increased investment in our state’s infrastructure is ensuring the safety and optimized use of our state’s transportation system.

The law increases the total general obligation bond authorization by $600 million. The bond authorization increase is kept at this $600 million level, despite the authorized $1.1 billion dollar total increase for transportation, through reducing $500 million of old coal and energy development bonds.

The legislation was signed into law by the governor this morning.

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