04172018CM0638RSPRINGFIELD – Companies doing business with the State of Illinois will be required to have a sexual harassment policy protecting workers under a new law signed today and passed by State Senator Toi Hutchinson (D-Chicago Heights).

“The State of Illinois should be a leader in ensuring sexual harassment is not tolerated in our state,” Hutchinson said. “Every year, hundreds of companies team up with the state to provide services to our residents. We need to ensure these individuals performing state work are protected and know sexual harassment is not tolerated in Illinois.”

The new law, contained in Senate Bill 405, requires all companies that make a bid or offer for a state contract have a sexual harassment policy in place. Additionally, the law requires companies that claim EDGE tax credits to include their sexual harassment policy in their annual report to the state.

Hutchinson’s law comes after increased attention to the issue of sexual harassment in industries from Hollywood to corporate boardrooms to politics. In November, Hutchinson brought increased awareness to the issue in Springfield by passing a resolution urging her colleagues to work together to find solutions to eradicate sexual harassment in Illinois politics.

“We know there is still much work for us to do,” Hutchinson said. “But we can’t properly address this issue unless we are having conversations about what sexual harassment is and how we can stop it. For anything to change, we must continue these conversations, however uncomfortable they may be, to ensure real change.”

Senate Bill 405 takes effect on January 1, 2019.

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