Senator Hutchinson released the following statement to the countless parents, providers and advocates who have been fighting to restore cuts to the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP):

"I'd like to thank all of the parents, providers and advocates who have stood beside me and Representative Gordon Booth as we sought to ensure that their voices were heard over the last months regarding SB570.  I have remained focused on providers and children every step of the way.  My conversations with the Governor's administration regarding the desperate need to give relief to daycare centers on the verge of closing any day now resulted in an agreement to hold SB570 in the Senate if it passed the House in exchange for raising the eligibility rate so that more children would have access to childcare immediately.  I know that some are disappointed in the failure of SB570, but I am grateful that the Governor did what he promised me he would and allowed 31,000 additional children per month to access childcare.  This is what we have been fighting for.  We aren't 100 % there yet, but I don't want anyone to be discouraged.  Your calls, your presence, your dedication, your advocacy worked. Never give up on the power of using your voice to affect change and always remember that you have a right to call on your government to listen.  The road so far has been hard but we are going to get through this if stay the course. As always, our children, as well as all of those we hold dear deserve the very best we have to give. I promise I won't stop fighting."

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